What people fear the most when going to the salon and how to overcome it

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Tonsurephobia- Phobia of Haircuts

What we fear the most when going to the salon and how to overcome it.


Many of us (or loved ones) have been through similar experiences:

  1. Hiding our haircut under a hat.
  2. Vowing to take to the grave how much our haircut cost.
  3. Our perfect little angel child sporting a seriously grown-out mullet because they morph into an animal when we go anywhere near a salon.
  4. Seriously intense heart palpations while watching our hair colour develop.

Going to the salon shouldn’t have to be a scary experience. Most of these issues arise from a lack of communication or preparation between you and your stylist. We understand it can be intimidating sometimes.

Talking to your stylist can sometimes feel scary, but a good stylist will do their utmost to keep you, the client happy. They are stylists because they have a talent for drawing out natural beauty and genuinely enjoy talking to other humans!


Seven Common Little Fears and Solutions:

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A beautiful result for one happy Je'Suis customer


1. “I haven’t been to the salon in a while and I’m embarrassed about the condition of my hair and regrowth. Does the hairdresser care/notice?”

What we think:
We can obviously see your regrowth however we understand that everyone has their own personal situation and we are more than happy to freshen up colours and colour your regrowth as well, we want ALL our clients to always feel a million dollars!


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A gorgeous result from a recent haircut at our salon


2. “I’m nervous about losing length but I know I really need a haircut. How do I relax when I see my hair fall around me to the floor!”

What we think:
To avoid this from happening we recommend that you have your hair regularly trimmed every six weeks, however if you do need to have a bit of length from your hair cut it will grow back healthier and faster as there is no split ends that will keep breaking.

3. “I’m scared of scissors being so close to my head!”

What we think:
The only time that you would need to be scared is if the scissors are pointing directly to your scalp!
If going to the hairdresser makes you overly anxious, you might find it useful to read about how to manage specific phobias with Beyond Blue Foundation. Some anxieties are not yours to bear alone!


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Another beautiful cut and colour at Je’Suis


4. “I have a sensitive scalp and I find visits to the hairdresser painful. How do I tell my hairdresser when she is hurting me?”

What we think:
If at any point during the service you feel uncomfortable or are experiencing any kind of pain it is best to let your stylist know straight away. “That’s hurting me!” or even better– warn us first! Honesty is the best policy, we won’t be offended and will be very happy to keep you comfortable!

5. “Once at a salon overseas I was pressured into an colour I didn’t like. How do I avoid this problem next time?"

What we think:
If you are unsure about any hair service it is best to ask your stylist as many questions that you have (no question is a silly question), we may recommend that you do a slight change the first time and then if you like it we can change the hair a bit more in the next service.


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6. “I’m scared of costs escalating without knowing until the end when I pay the bill”.

What we think:
If you have any concerns about cost simply explain to the stylist exactly what you would like to have done and then ask for a quote before the service is carried out. This helps to avoid any surprises at the end.


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(Jill Greenberg)


7. “My daughter gets hysterical when she has a hair cut. What can I do?”

What we think:
It is best to bring them in when they aren’t tired and grumpy, bring one of their favorite toys or something that can distract them from the service. It might be worth walking your child into the salon to book the appointment in person so they can familiarise themselves with the idea and the surroundings.


At the end of the day, communication is key to avoiding many uncomfortable situations. It’s no different with your hair stylist. We will do our utmost to put you at ease when you come visit us. We want you to be excited about visiting us!

We hope you found this article helpful, and welcome any questions or comments.

Je’Suis Hair Design, xo


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