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Written by Team Je'Suis on Monday, 27 October 2014. Posted in Salon News

brooke shieldsThick and glossy hair creates a healthy and attractive first impression. But we aren’t all lucky enough to have lustrous hair à la Brooke Shields in The Blue Lagoon. Some of us need a little extra help apart from Mother Nature. This can be achieved through various styling tips and a good haircut.


Je'Suis’s top tips for volume boost:

  • Short is sexy too:

Ask your hairdresser for a shorter style. A shorter length makes your hair appear fuller and thicker.

  • Use the right products:

Senscience Volume Shampoo and Volume Conditioner or Volume Boost Mousse are our in store recommendation.

  • Upside down, upside down:

While your hair is still wet tip your head upside down and blow-dry the roots so that you are “over directing the hair”.

  • Curls and body:

Wear your hair with a curl or a wave through it. It will appear fuller.


Things that can cause hair to break or appear thinner…

  • Taking too many steamy showers:

Hot water dehydrates stands leading to dry and brittle hair, making it more prone to snap or fall out. Opt for warm showers and try to rinse hair at the coolest temperature.

  • Using hot styling tools:

Use a heat-protecting product like Scenscience Thermal Design and use heat styling selectively.

  • Crash dieting:

Starve your body and your hair will show the signs!

  • Mishandling wet hair:

If you must comb wet hair, carefully use a wide toothed comb.

  • Some contraceptives:

Unfortunately, hormones can play a part in thinning hair. Talk to your doctor if you think this might be the reason.


We hope these tips inspire you try a new hair routine or even a fashionable new cut. Remember, it really looks much better to have a beautiful thick crop than thin, unhealthy long hair.

Finally, here are some of our favourite ‘big hair’ looks at the moment. If you have any ‘big hair’ icons you’d like to see on our list, drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter.


duffylana del reybrigitte bardot

                              Duffy                                                                  Lana Del Rey                                                         Brigitte Bardot


halle berrykelly osbournejanelle monae2

                          Halle Berry                                                           Kelly Osbourne                                                        Janelle Monae


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